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Bald is Beautiful

Being lucky enough to see American Bald Eagles fairly regularly where you live but never being able to get a good photograph of them is, as the expression goes, one of those good problems to have.

My closer brushes (there was one yesterday when I didn’t know an eagle was perched in a tree I was directly beneath) usually catch me off guard without a camera. But this morning I saw a pair hanging out in our sycamore tree by the river. I got the camera and came back out, and tried to be stealthy and get a little closer. I shot a few through the trees (photo below) where they probably couldn’t see me, but as soon as I tried to step closer they casually flew away, not particularly threatened but I’m sure I made them uncomfortable, even from a hundred yards away. Later, while I was at my desk writing this blog post, a single eagle landed in plain view of my studio window! I went back out with the camera and caught him leaving, headed downstream.

I put the pictures on the computer and, yet again, realized I’m just not close enough to get a decent shot. Certainly not with my 15-85mm lens. But the subject matter warranted some more effort, so I decided to just mess around with some effects. I’m pretty new at these effects, they’re fun to play with but the program I’m using (a demo) is cumbersome and very slow. Still, I like my results here, and hope you enjoy them too.

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